Boliden Industries: Recognizing casting by their surface fingerprints

Boliden Industries, a large worldwide copper company, uses VisionAppster and surface fingerprint app to recognize castings.

Boliden Industries produces copper castings on site and performs electrolysis at another location.  To optimize their production processes, they needed to identify which castings were being processed on the electrolysis site to find out how casting affected the final result. The cast pieces had to be stored for up to a few weeks, and it was not easy to track what went where.

They had tried painting, rfid tags, bar codes etc., but the conditions were way too harsh to attach anything to the castings.  Alternatively, VisionAppster helped create a casting process produces that identifies a wave pattern on the surface of the casting that is more or less unique. The VA team developed an app to take a picture of the piece on the casting site and processed it to a fingerprint that was stored in a database. On the electrolysis site, another picture was taken, and its fingerprint was matched against the database (of tens of thousands of fingerprints).

Boliden Industries uses VisionAppster and surface fingerprint app to recognize castings.

This image processing and correlation based matching app enabled Boliden to determine out how casting affected the quality and yield of their product, which allowed them to optimize the casting process to get better quality copper faster.



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