The Finnish Parliament

We Trust People Who Look Like Us!

We Trust People Who Look Like Us

Numerous studies suggest that we tend to trust people who look like us. In Finland, the tradition of “election machines”, i.e. services that choose you a candidate based on a set of questions, got new meaning when the VisionAppster team adding a vision application to a recent election.

VisionAppster built a service that contained the pictures of almost all the candidates for the Finnish parliament.  To pick the right candidate for you, a voter was asked to submit a picture of him/ herself.  VisionAppster processed the image and responded with the candidate who most resembled the voter.

News of the app was world-wide with huge volumes of users responding to the challenge!  The Vision App creators were interviewed on BBC and Al Jazeera and the app had millions of “hits!”

CPT Components used in this case study:

Face Cropper

by VisionAppster

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IP Camera Driver

by VisionAppster

Add any IP Camera image stream for the image source.


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Emotion Recognizer

by VisionAppster

Detect emotions through facial expressions in images and videos. Gain deeper insight into users, audiences and more with this facial…


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