Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions

The world’s largest turbine manufacturer had a multimillion dollar Tool Control and Tracking problem in their nuclear turbine business. Tool kits containing hundreds, even thousands, of tools were blindly sent to job sites without any prior diagnosis of the problem or evaluation of what was needed for repair. Tools routinely disappeared from job sites and the entire process was inefficient and costly.

One of VisionAppster’s partners developed a comprehensive Tool Control & Tracking System with cameras providing thousands of images to enable deep learning and remote diagnosis – why ship thousands of tools and great time and expense when a screw driver will do?

The system leverages thousands of images and deep learning to remotely diagnosis issue and proactively address faults – before they become problematic.  The comprehensive system enabled a fundamental change in the customer’s business model – problems were remotely assessed long before tooling decisions were made and technician assignments were addressed; the correct tools were sent for the correct job and inefficiencies and unnecessary cost was virtually eliminated from the process.  The customer saves millions of dollars per year!


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