Visit OTOS all-in-one Visitor Tracking Sensor:

Counting and evaluating statistics of moving people 

Visit OTOS all-in-one Visitor Tracking Sensor – Counting and evaluating statistics of moving people

The VA Team helped develop and ultimately sold to Visit, a camera-based people tracking/counting system that tracks not only raw counts but also the trajectories of people in video, measures how long they stay in specific areas, how many cross a line etc. This data is published to a web service that provides the data and a GUI for browsing the statistics and camera pictures.

The app also works as a surveillance system that stores images on events such vas movement on a certain area.Its also used by retail stores to see how their customers behave – peak volumes/ correlated to sales volume, where do they spend their time browsing, etc.

The app is also used by cities on jogging paths, cycle routes etc. to measure how many people pass a measurement point.


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