Amazing ways to use vision apps in your business!

Computer vision is a sector of Artificial Intelligence that uses Machine and Deep Learning to allow computers to “see” and analyze their surroundings.

Computer Vision has a massive impact on companies from all industries; indeed, it is especially useful for problems where we would normally need a human’s eye to view a situation and assess impacts.  Certainly, the criteria to meet that requirement is endless – and so too are the opportunities for vision applications. Every day, real-world applications demonstrate how important computer vision is to  business – entertainment, transportation, healthcare – and everyday life.

A key driver for the growth of these applications is the flood of visual information flowing from smartphones, security systems, traffic cameras and other visually instrumented devices. The challenge is capturing these images and using them to derive meaningful information to inform business decision making. Historically, the vast majority of this visual data has gone unused – until now.

VisionAppster provides the framework to build vision applications, the marketplace to monetize your hard work and the launchpad for your vision applications to become part of a range of human activities.


Machine learning is incorporated in medical industries for purposes such as breast and skin cancer detection. For instance...

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Counting people, fraud detection and retail optimization are just a few ways that vision apps are used across the retail industry.

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From autonomous vehicles to motion detection, vision apps are changing transportation!

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Most every major sports team uses vision apps to optimize player performance while amazing media coverage brings immersive sports vision experiences to viewers!

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Farming & Agriculture

Imagine optimizing crop yields to feed a hungry world, and disease monitoring and detection to optimize crop growth performance.

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Learn more about this game-changing technology and how it can impact your industry.

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